Praise For The Heart Goes Boom:

"Really funny and weird...”

--Brooks Whelan, "Saturday Night Live"

"This book is literally filled with magic and the laughter it provokes hides real heart. Blending echoes of Jane Austen and Bill Shakespeare with Steve Austin and Billy Wilder, it makes an enchanted forest of LA and finds poetry in the soap opera technicolor of the Hollywood dream."

--Justin Currie (Del Amitri)

"Alex Green's The Heart Goes Boom is a total kick--a witty lark of a novel that could be summed up as The Odyssey re-imagined by the team of Dave Barry and Henry Rollins, but sweeter and crazier than that."

--Jason Warburg, author of My Heart Sings The Harmony

"A hundred wonderful images and sentences--well, many more than that. Totally hilarious and frankly moving at the same time: which is my definition of what makes a good book good, and a great book great, like this one. Alex Green's sensibility is so rare, so smart, so strong. His narrative is powerful, the characters, memorable to the point of indelibility."

--Joe DiPrisco, author of The Pope Of Brooklyn and Subway to California

 “Great book. Funny, smart, good spirited and features the kind of old school bit-comedy that makes a comic novel boil and bubble. This was the summer stunner that I didn't know would save my stupid life. I hope Green writes five more novels…”

--Jesse Michaels, author of Whispering Bodies

"This book will get you out of your melancholia and your heart might just go boom as well."

--Jennifer Kathleen Gibbons, Stereo Embers Magazine

Praise For Emergency Anthems:

"Anyone who knows his music writing knows that Alex Green knows music, and in this, his first book of poems, he seems also to know how to make it.  Green’s feel for the wheel—not to mention his insistence on keeping the moving parts clean—offers the reader a usefully clarified ride through the various terrains we live in and for; a grand (but never grandiose) tour of both world and word as they give sadly beautiful rise to one another..."

--Graham Foust, author of A Mouth In California and Necessary Stranger

"I salute thee, Emergency Anthems..."

--Daniel Handler, author of Why We Broke Up and We Are Pirates

"Green's poems read like secrets, someone sharing a passion, a bias, a humiliation, a love.  They crash into your ears like the surf, and you flip the page, awaiting the next beauty, the next set of waves."

--Joshua Mohr, author of Some Things That Meant The World To Me

"Alex Green's Emergency Anthems is an impressive debut poetry collection imbued with pop culture and satire..."

--Largehearted Boy

"Emergency Anthems succeeds brilliantly in linking the personal to the political. Better, it demonstrates the way in which one’s inner experiences of alienation simultaneously derive from and contribute to a heartless society in which the best people can hope for is to survive. Whether an actual shark appears or Green creates an atmosphere of menace without referring to a shark, that metaphorical fin is always in the water. The intensity, passion, and earnestness with which Green writes are enough to make you want to read the book straight through in one sitting. This is a book unlike anything that I’ve read before. A prose poetry trance.

--Paul Gleason, Stereo Embers

"Fantastically short short stories of a simplicity to pull you in, and a complexity to fire the imagination and leave you thinking. To say nothing of the laughs and fleeting sadnesses. Stories to return to again and again, just lovely. The perfect title and cover too."

--Martine McDonagh, author of After Phoenix and I Have Waited And You Have Come

In these strange and unnerving and very funny shorts Alex Green conjures a drowning world where time moves like a moment of a thousand years and you will always be someone small on a stupid red bike. Comic, tender, realistic, and absurd, the stories introduce a cast of curious California characters: the Julliard graduate who plays a lifeguard on TV and wants to make his character complicated but there's only so much he can do with scenes in a hot tub; the model who's struck by lightening and gets really good at yoga; a spider with muscles like an action figure who opens a beetle like an egg.  In this world, figs split open to reveal cities inside, the real problem is living too long, and the champagne you drink goes down cold and sharp like a "world gone to glass, a decade turned to ice." It's an astonishing world rendered in an astonishing voice. "The world wheezes its secrets to a standstill and you stagger into her arms," Green writes. I staggered into the arms of every single page."

--Marilyn Abildskov, author of The Men In My Country

 Green pulls out some pretty neat tricks. He divulges just enough about each character to make the most unique thing about them, the thing he wants you to know, stand out. Emergency Anthems uniquely portrays a Californian microcosm of life in general—all around the narrator people are dying, relationships fail or never had the chance to in the first place, and there is a pervasive sense of heaviness behind every happy moment...These poems are the anthems you sing in the wake of a disaster, the songs you either have memorized for the occasion or make up as you go along while they come bubbling out of your heart and the shark bite on your side as your surfboard bobs in the waves..."

--Brandon Jordan Brown, Foxhunting